Weekend Round Up February 3, 2017

Happy Friday!

Here’s what we’ve been reading and watching this week:

As we discussed last week on the blog, parenting while balancing a career can be really tough. Patagonia just released a book called “Family Business” to share their innovate approach to balancing the demands of parenthood and pursuing a career. They also released some awesome short videos about being parents at work, take a look here.

Although these examples include travelling and living in some pretty picturesque places, its important to  get out in nature with our kids wherever we are.  Considering that we live in #hamont and are surrounded by not only a bustling city core, but lush and vast greenspace that runs through and surrounds the city – there are plenty of great places to do this locally.  Check out some of the great parks around town, the gage park pump track, hiking trails in and around town, the bruce trail, the escarpment, the countless waterfalls and even your own backyard.  You’ll be surprised what happens when you get outside with your kids.

Preventing Nature-Deficit Disorder One Adventure At A Time

Raising a Wild Child: A Quiet Revolution That Promises to Redefine Parenthood

Raising active kids is super important. It’s hard to choose between all the options for sports and activities. The Fatherly blog argues that you should get your kids to participate in many activities rather than specializing in just one.

5 Reasons Young Athletes Shouldn’t Specialize In Only One Sport

Every child, at some point, goes through phases where they prefer one parent over the other. This can be hard for the parent who is being rejected, and tiring on the parent who is constantly being requested. Mr. Dad has some great tips on getting through this:

My Baby Doesn’t Like Her Daddy

And finally, travelling with the whole family can be really expensive! This blog lays out a plan that will help you collect Aeroplan Points so you can travel for free in 2017.

how our family travels for FREE (+ yours can too!)

We hope to see you out this weekend hiking, biking or tobogganing! You can also follow-us on Twitter or Instagram @daddinghamont to see what we’re up to.



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