Weekend Round Up January 27, 2017

Each week we are going to try to put together a few articles, videos and anything interesting we find on the web to share with you guys.

Here’s a little of what we’ve been reading and watching lately:

In light of the recent change in president, here is a re-post of an article that we tweeted earlier this week, its definitely a good read for raising confident girls and boys in the Trump Era.


It was so awesome to have a bunch of kids out on their bikes at our first ever Baby’s Bikes Toddler’s and Trikes event. If you are thinking about teaching your little one to bike this year, check out this article that makes an argument for why your child’s first bike should be a balance bike:


And if you want to watch a little ripper in action, check out this awesome video of Matt Hunter and his son mountain biking on a balance bike


This is a short  article from a dad talking about the challenges of new American Academy of Pediatrics recommendations around screen time and trying to getting active with your kids and into nature.  


With that last article in mind we will likely be trying to go for a hike, or bike ride this weekend with our kids. If you want to join feel free to reach out to us and we can share the plans with you when we have some.


Happy Weekend!




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