Why a Dad Blog?

It all started with a Dads and babes camping trip…or maybe it was before that…

About a year ago, as relatively new dads we started hanging out informally. We would gather weekly to go for hikes with our kids or to walk the escarpment stairs. During these times we would spend time chatting about life and dreaming of adventures that we could go on when our kids were a little bit older.

As our kids grew so too did our confidence. This summer we decided that we could take the kids for a night away on a bike camping trip. One rainstorm later we abandoned our plans for a camping trip and found ourselves, 4 dads (and 1 helper) with 5 babes under the age of 2 squeezed into a tiny cabin for a weekend of adventure.

This experience confirmed for us what we already knew, we are competent parents that enjoy adventure and spending time with out kids.  It was also at this time that the idea of a Dad Blog was born. Although we are relatively new to the Dadding thing, we feel like we have some experience and perspective to share on being parents.

It is important to note that we do not claim to be experts or to own the truth when it comes to being Dads. We also recognize that people have different experiences of being parented and parenthood. We are coming from unique social locations that are influenced by our experiences and shaped by the beliefs that we have about the world.  With that in mind, Daddinghamont is meant to be a space to  share both triumphs and failures from our parenting experience, start thoughtful conversation, connect with other parents and encourage us to build stronger relationships with our kids.

We looked Dadding up in several dictionaries, and all of them didn’t list dadding as a real word. We decided that if we had found it, the definition would have looked something like this:

Da ⠂ding

  1. The act of caring for one’s children in an adventurous yet safe, high energy yet nurturing, strong yet interdependent, uniquely dad way.
  2. Not babysitting

-Andrew, Hans, Matt and Oliver


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