I’m a terribly slow reader, hence it has taken me over 6 months to read this short book called ‘Mindset’ by Carol Dweck.  The book didn’t have an intriguing cover, and after the first few pages I felt like I was reading more of a textbook than I wanted to be.  After giving up for… Continue reading Mindset

Urban Dadding

I’m not here to demonize the suburbs. They treated me much better than an eerie depiction in an Arcade Fire video (though apparently that wasn’t their intent, either). On the street of my youth (ha!), we played road hockey from March to December. Older, younger and from pretty well every house on the block, we… Continue reading Urban Dadding

Retrograde Motion and Juice for Dad

One of the few things I remember from Grade 9 science class is the concept of retrograde motion, where planets appear to move backwards relative to stars over a number of days, a sort of loop-de-loop pattern if it was plotted on a graph. This perplexed astronomers for ages but eventually contributed to proof that… Continue reading Retrograde Motion and Juice for Dad